Carpet Models for Asthma Patients

Carpet Models for Asthma Patients It is very important for those who experience this ailment. Asthma is a type of lung respiratory disease that narrows the airways and causes inflammation. It can affect people of all ages, but is often diagnosed in childhood. Some symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. When no precautions are taken, asthma decreases the quality of life and becomes uncomfortable.

Asthma can be triggered by irritants that are identified as allergens. In particular, measures to be taken in the home environment are extremely important. If the carpet you use in your home is not suitable for people with asthma, it must be changed.Carpet Models for Asthma Patients.,

Even if asthma is not diagnosed, the respiratory tract of especially young children is much more sensitive than adults. Considering that they spend the most time on the floor and on the carpet, it is very clear how important the carpet in the house is in terms of breathing. Especially in recent years, selection of carpets has been talked about asthma crisis and its precautions.

Carpet Models for Asthma Patients

Carpet Comes First At Home Precautions For Asthma

In closed environments, we are exposed to allergens such as dust and mold, which we cannot see in our homes and workplaces. Although we cannot take much precautions for asthma in external areas, there is a serious relief in asthmatic people with the right precautions we will take in our homes.antibacterial carpet

So what can we do at home? We are asked to remove the carpets first. However, carpets are among our items that need to be kept both for the visuality of our house and for the need. Therefore, removing carpets may not be a good solution in the long run. Instead, there are carpet models for asthma patients.

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Also, over the past few years, a lot of work has been done on carpets and asthma. It has been revealed that carpets trap many allergens that we cannot see, especially dust and mite. When we removed the carpets, it turned out that instead of getting rid of these bacteria, they cause them to be released comfortably in the house. In other words, dust and mites on empty and hard floors move much more easily and get into the air.

When shopping for carpet, you have noticed that not all carpets are in equal weaving and production. Request! There are some points to keep in mind when choosing a carpet for asthma patients.Carpet Models for Asthma Patients

* Instead of a long pile rug, choose short pile carpets with tightly knitted threads.

* VOC (Volatile organic compounds) are gases released from carpets and other products. Choose a product with a low VOC rating.

* Solution dyed Nylon carpets reduce mold and are resistant to dirt. Wool carpets, on the other hand, have more allergenic properties.

* Anti-allergic carpets prevent bacteria from penetrating onto the carpet. Therefore, antiallergic carpets should be preferred.

* In antibacterial carpets, it is difficult to reproduce creatures that are not visible to this eye. These bacteria, which have been supported by a high vacuum broom and have come down to the ground, are prevented from being inhaled.

Antibacterial Rugs And Their Properties

Rugs with anti-bacterial properties do not house dust. This feature can be achieved by injecting special chemicals that remove allergens into the carpet immediately after production.What should be the Carpet Model for Asthma Patients

Although they are completely intended for asthma patients, they are a carpet model that every family prefers for hygiene and health at home.

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This feature does not impose any restrictions on carpet colors and models. On the contrary, this process, which prevents the reproduction of microorganisms, can be applied to carpets of all types and models.

Antiallergic Rugs

This feature in carpets is related to the raw material of the carpet and the dust holding force of this substance. The microorganisms that cause asthma attacks reproduce by reproducing very quickly in suitable temperature and humid areas. If your carpet has one of its antibacterial or antiallergic properties, you will definitely feel the difference after a while.antibacterial carpet 2019

To prevent allergens from entering the respiratory tract, of course, taking many precautions in our home will definitely provide relief. However, most importantly, our houses should be free from bad weather conditions such as moisture and mold.

How should those with asthma choose carpet?

Carpets are among the household items that individuals with asthma need to pay attention to most. For this reason, models made of materials with long tassels or absorbent water should not be preferred. Another of the most common problems in thick carpets that can retain moisture is that it is more difficult to remove dirt than others.

How should those with asthma choose carpet?

Since the dust will land on the floor when you are not walking in the room or ventilating, it will stick directly on the carpet. When you start walking, because some of these powders will be mixed with air, you should not choose models with long tassels and these regions in each region.

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