1 Room, 4 Paint

With just two different color paint combinations, you can make your room look more spacious and spacious. It is possible to get surprising results with color games suitable for your room’s needs. Here are 1 room, 4 paint alternatives.

You have decided to paint your room, you have chosen one of dozens of color alternatives. Well, do you know that there are color games that you will make according to the needs of your room? The way to make your room bigger, longer or more spacious is through painting techniques. With a very simple application, the appearance of your room can change completely. Moreover, with two colors, you can make your room suddenly look more spacious, bright and warm.

Wider effect with paint

If you want your room to look wider, you can use one of the two colors on one wall. You can increase your square meter with 3 light-colored wall wings and a wall using a dark color! Especially if you want to get a spacious look in a small square meter area, this application is for you.

A longer room effect with paint

If you have a narrow room, a light color choice would be wise to give depth to the space. You can increase the density of the paint from the ceiling to the walls. For example, you can increase the sense of depth by switching from white to light gray. This application will be a good choice especially in a room with low ceiling.

A warmer effect with paint

To expand a narrow room, you can apply the darker of the two colors on the ceiling. If you have a high ceiling, applying the dark color on the ceiling will have a warm effect in the space. Thanks to this application, you can have a much larger room with diluted borders.

A more airy room with paint

You can get an airy look by combining a light color you choose on the ceiling with the dark color on the walls. You can realize this painting proposal especially if you want to build a higher space.

You can use combinations that you can apply with just two different colors for your room. You can clearly see how much a simple app actually changes. You can implement painting applications in accordance with the needs of your room.

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